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How to Bring Your Italian Furniture Brand Into the Home


It is important that you maintain your furniture regularly so that it looks new for longer. There are some specific things that you need to do to keep the life span of your furniture and to prolong its life. The first thing that you need to do is to vacuum your furniture on a regular basis, once every two months or so. Use a light weight vacuum cleaner to thoroughly vacuum the furniture.

Let the dust dry completely before placing any more duster cloths on it. Also apply an anti-static agent to keep the electrical charges from sticking to the wooden surface. Next use a thin layer of wax to protect the wooden surface and let dry. Finally sand lightly making sure to get all the edges and corners.

Protect your Italian furniture from sunlight by using blinds or curtains. You can buy specially designed blinds and make them yourself to match your interior and Italian design. Alternatively you can get ready made blinds or curtains from any good Italian furniture brands. These can be bought from any home improvement store or from the internet. The price varies depending on the brand that you choose and on the size of the blinds or curtains.

Investing in good quality blinds and curtains will not only extend the life of your furniture but will also make it look better for longer. You have many quality fabrics to choose from; choose one that compliments the color of your Italian designer Italian furniture. The thickness of the fabric will depend on the function of the blinds or curtains. Choose high gloss for an elegant, sophisticated look or choose a low gloss to create a lighter look in your room.

Make sure your furniture has a good storage system, whether you buy a set or create it yourself you need somewhere to keep your linens. Look for a combination of drawers, shelves and cabinets that will all work together as a storage solution. Some of the Italian furniture brands offer great storage solutions; you may wish to consider a combination of wood and glass or mirrored furniture to achieve a contemporary look to your Italian furniture.

You may find you have more choices when it comes to choosing the perfect accessories for your Italian designer home. It is easy to mix and match pieces, if this is the case with your Italian furniture brand, choose fabrics and other accessories that will compliment each other. You can also add accessories with photos of famous Italian landscape, or other images that you would like to see. Buying beautiful and well thought out accessories for your Italian design home will give it an extra touch of elegance.