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Egyptian Furniture – Basic Things You Should Know About Them


Furniture is an item used to furnish a room. It can be made of wood, metal, glass or some other material. The most common items of furniture used in rooms are tables and desks, but there are also TV stands, chairs, bookcases, lamps and various other pieces. Furniture helps in creating a general atmosphere in a home. When you come home after a long day at work, you would like to feel comfortable, relaxed and restful in your bed where you can lay back with a nice magazine and get ready for the rest of the evening.

In ancient Egypt furniture was not as much of a status symbol as it is nowadays, as the Egyptians did not have much need of it. People lived in simple houses without many articles of clothing apart from what they could keep in their house and so ancient Egyptian furniture was basically a status symbol. As time passed, the needs of ordinary people also changed and the desire for more comfort and simplicity increased. Thus, the popularity of the Egyptian pieces of furniture became more widespread and its influence spread all over the ancient world. Nowadays, when someone mentions “ancient Egypt furniture”, the picture that comes to mind is something along the lines of a beautifully carved and highly furnished chariot. However, the most common and basic articles of furniture that we see in any home are tables, chairs, dressers and other small items such as bed frames, chests, bookcases and even picture frames.

Ancient Egyptologists found that the most common items of furniture were wooden chests, bowls and basins for holding water. These were later followed by the development of writing and civilization, which required iron tools. Thus, as time went on, furniture slowly started evolving from simple pieces of wood to elegant and protective implements used in the room for holding utensils, knives, plates, pots, planters and other items. Eventually, people started building their own houses from different materials, creating the necessary furniture with different designs and ornaments to complete the interior.